Tim Tyler

Tim Tyler – Author & Director of Dawg Pounded

What can you say about a playwright who’s never had a play TimTyler-Croppedproduced?

That he’s crazy? A little slow? Out of touch with reality? Well yes, you can say all that about Tim Tyler, and more!

Tim Tyler was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. At a young age he became fascinated with dramatic storylines and the early seeds of his play writing were sown.

A student-athlete, Tim’s school years included attending Catholic institutions, where he lost his faith in prayer, and attending the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, where he quickly got it back. After four years at the Academy and serving as an officer in the Army, Tim had enough of living the life of a hero and returned to Cleveland.

Tim held a “real” job by day and diligently wrote at night. He has been twice selected as a Nicholl semi-finalist and twice as an Austin semi-finalist for four different scripts. Tim is a prolific, low-maintenance writer, recognized for quality writing and great dialogue. His genres include historical drama, family fantasy-adventures, re-imagined public-domain works, romances, and, favorite of all, comedies.

Tim has never given up on his writing, or his love of Cleveland, and that one day, the Browns’ would win the Super Bowl!. And so it is that Tim has made the decision to give long-suffering Browns’ fans some comedic therapy and produce “Dawg Pounded” with Rita, that girl from Pittsburgh, by his side.

The time is now for Tim to follow his dream and pursue a writing career, however far – or not — it takes him. Better late than never.