Rita Bigham

RitaBigham-CroppedRita Bigham – Producer

Rita Bigham was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. As a first born child, she excelled in school and dreamed of becoming a professional musician. However, upon meeting her future husband in college, she changed her major and realized that she might be better off abandoning the arts and pursuing a degree that would give her a “real job”.

Rita spent her first career in public schools where she held various positions including teaching all grades 1-8 and administration. In 2000, her husband’s career brought them to Cleveland, Ohio, where she spent nearly 10 years at WVIZ/PBS ideastream as a Director of Education, responsible for Professional Development and educational outreach programs.

After undergoing extensive psycho-therapy and burning her black and gold t-shirts, Rita saw the error in her thinking and became a true Browns’ fan. After a lengthy illness, Rita’s husband passed away in 2009.

As fortune would have it, Rita met Tim in 2010, and their love of plays, movies, sports, and the arts gave them a renewed sense of direction for their lives. Besides working as an educational consultant for a foundation that provides services to International Schools, Rita is, among other things, Tim’s “Manager” and is back in the arts. Who would have thought that the girl from Pittsburgh would meet this man from Cleveland and they would both be following their dreams together producing “Dawg Pounded”?