Keegan Fath

KeeganKeegan Fath – “Ensemble”

Keegan is ecstatic about being a part of Team Dawg Pounded. Born in Cleveland and raised in Cleveland Heights, she currently resides in the North Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland. Keegan is an elementary school teacher. Being a Cleveland sports fan is a huge responsibility and one that Keegan takes on with great vigor. It is a birth right and very much like royalty. She encourages converts to this very special cult.
Keegan has always enjoyed singing and doing plays/shows. She is the lead female role in the cast of the Quinlan family for the past sixteen years. She has also been a volunteer coach (no not football), is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, sits on the board of Girl Leaders in Action a.k.a. GLIA, and is a certified “Stage Mom”. An outdoor enthusiast, Keegan is known as “Yap” on the trails and can often be found near campfires singing songs about Banana Slugs or latrines.
When the professional Cleveland sports teams are not playing, Keegan is down at the Wolstein Center rooting on C.S.U. basketball. She has been a proud season ticket holder for sixteen years.
Keegan would like to thank her husband Mike for holding down the fort so she can partake in this awesome venture. Much love to him, the Pookenbug, and the B’s to whom these performances are dedicated. These performances are also dedicated to a fantastic cast, crew, production team and to “you” in the wonderful audience. A special shout out to Mom and Dad (the Keegan and the Fath). Thank you for your love and support all of these years.